Volunteering is one of the most valuable activities you can get involved in, whether it is in a established or a third world country. Throughout the world, there are many children who are orphaned and in need of the basics of life, love, and general and medical care, and educational support.

Volunteers can be a high school or college student during school’s summer break. Your presence and interaction with children will make a difference in every single orphan life that would otherwise have little or no emotional inspiration in their lives. We understand of the impact we can have on child’s life, with even the smallest gesture, or just a simple loving hug and attention.

Volunteers don’t need to be experienced. You only need to be passionate towards children. You must only have the desire to help and recover the lives of those children who have been a victim of the unfortunate. A true volunteer will enjoy the feeling of being able to make a change in one life of child at a time.

Become a Volunteer

Most Valuable Activities You Can Get Involved In.


  • Volunteers are requested to arrive dressed appropriately for the work that they will be performing. Volunteers who fail to adhere to this policy will not be able to attend the mission trip or to complete the assignment.
  • Acceptable Clothing Includes:
  • Shirts that cover the stomach, upper arms and chest, and long pants.
  • Dresses and skirts must be knee length.
  • Shirt or top that does not expose shoulders, back, chest, cleavage or abdomen.
  • Undergarments should be covered by clothing.
  • Comfortable shoes are recommended for all volunteers. Please do not wear shoes with heels.
  • The dress and grooming (including hairstyles) of both men and women should be modest, neat and clean.
  • NOT Acceptable Clothing Includes:
  • Tank tops or sleeveless shirts.
  • See-through shirts.
  • Shorts or short skirts.
  • Low-cut clothes that can reveal the lower back/stomach are highly inappropriate.
  • Skin-tight clothes that display body curves are inappropriate.