Our History

The first half of my life, I’ve watched children suffer atrocities such as bombings from the Iran and Iraq war, to famine spanning across the African continent, to today’s natural disasters. Even today in our golden age of humanity, millions of children remain poor, impoverished, displaced, and deprived of essential needs in life to develop and thrive.

I was only 16 years old when I got inspired by my family’s acts of kindness and wanted to be like them to help and attend the needs of fellow human beings. I learned that their act of giving and generosity always remained anonymous. As a young teenager, I was striving to do what I could to make a difference in the lives of those uninhibited young souls. With the sustenance of my parents, I was able to attend the needs of those children that lost their caregivers.

My parents always financially supported what I did and promoted my newly grown passion of helping orphan Children. Much as I was privileged to travel the world in the company of my father, I had the opportunity to visit many countries across the globe and find orphanages to help and to make a small difference in their lives. In 1992, I arranged my first South American mission in a company of a small team of 3 volunteers to Ecuador where I was able to locate and visit an orphanage and provide food, clothing and hygiene supplies to the children. Upon return from Ecuador, I had decided to formally name the passion that was growing inside me as “Orphans World Wide” .

The mission trips to South and North America continued with the help of volunteers and the support of my immediate family. In the late 90s, I had extended my care to the Republic of Congo and Sierra Leon Africa with the sole financial support of my siblings. Granted that we had reached out to many children’s lives around the world for over three decades, the organization remained reserved as per the principle of the family’s teachings to:
● “Make changes in people’s lives and those who are in need without seeking any recognition or
● “Feed the hungry, even if it is out of your own plate”
● “Clothe them, even if it’s out of your own closet
● “Love them and give them hope, as if you are loving your own child, hold their hand,
as if you want your hands to be held.

During three decades of service to humanity, we managed to cultivate and spread our love to children around the globe
supporting thousands of orphans by providing food, clothing, bedding, school supplies, nutritional supplies, clean water until we
were recognized as a 501 ( C) 3 Non for profit in the state of Florida about a decade ago to be able to add medical and
surgical care to our missions and humanitarian services.

About US

We are a family and a group of professionals that come together to give back to the global community by changing the lives of abandoned and orphaned children around the world. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to not only grow up, but to also live into their fullest potential. Our main focus is to provide the basic needs of life that are required for survival. Then, we strive to give love and care that builds self-esteem that supports the children's desire to achieve their dreams.



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