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Volunteering is one of the most valuable activities you can get involved in, whether it is in a established or a third world country. Throughout the world, there are many numbers of children who are orphaned and in need of basics of life, love, general and medical care, and educational support.

Volunteers can be a high school and college student during school’s summer break. Your presence and  interaction with children will make a difference in every single orphan’s life that would otherwise have little or no emotional inspiration in their lives. We understand the impact we can have on child's life, with even the smallest gesture, or just a simple loving hug and attention.

Volunteers don’t need to be experienced. You only need to be passionate towards children and their only care giver if applicable. You must be able to desire to help and to want to recover the lives of those children who have been a victim of unfortunate. A true volunteer will enjoy the feeling of being able to make a change in one life of child at a time.

How to Volunteer

There are many ways you can volunteer and help the orphans;

1-You can sign up and travel with us

​2-Attend our fundraising events

3- Set up your own fundraising event

4- Donate to a specific need

5- Get community credit hours for school, college

Volunteering Abroad

As a volunteer, you will be working with children in orphanages. You would be helping the kids to learn the basics of life that parents would normally teach. By getting involved, you will have a positive impact on their little lives.


There is always a job for your talents. An artist and a musician can bring cheers and happiness.

Medical, Surgical, Staff Volunteers

​Many opportunities exist for medical personal, RNs, surgeons, anesthesiologist and CRNAs for our medical side of work. We will be evaluating the overall health of the children and will arrange for medical or surgical care in their local hospitals. The country’s medical students and residents can attend the surgical procedures performed by our surgeons which can be very beneficial for them.


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